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Second meeting [Kyra]


for mokanatwins

"Oh hello Kyra" He happily said when he saw her. Stiles remembered she helped him one day with a panic attack and he was happy to see her again. "How are you ? It’s a long time I don’t see you and I never have the chance to say you a real thank you. You helped me and I was very rude with you. I mean I should thank you before." He giggled slowly a little embarrassed by his bad behavior. In general he was a polite and friendly person. But they met in strange situation for him.

The girl was walking through the halls of Beacon High until a familiar voice called for her attention. Turning her head around, her violet eyes saw that boy. The boy she helped when she first arrived to Beacon High. It was strange no one was around when the incident happened but in the end everything was fine. After a small conversation between the two they parted ways and didn’t see each other for days until this day. Even though the school was somewhat small, at least for a highschool, neither of the two ran into each other. Maybe not actually different schedules call for different routines and paths to take. Thankfully they were about to cross paths again.

After their hello’s, Stiles apologized for his ‘bad behavior’ after the incident and thanked her for her aid. Kyra smiled and giggled a bit.

"You’re welcome. And just to tell ya, you didn’t behave badly. So don’t sweat it to much alright?"

They did meet in an unusual way huh? Oh well. There’s always worse case scenarios they could’ve met. 

"So~ Stiles~…" The girl began as she readjusted the books in her arms. "How’ve you been since… we met?" Kyra asked.



"…So, how do you like the trip so far?"

"It’s been really fun. Thanks for taking me…"

"Anywhere you want to go sightsee next or do you want me to choose?"

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Running an RP blog and having no one to RP with


Running an RP blog and having too many people to RP with




The kitten seemed to back away, not wanting to go towards a stranger while she seemed to glance down at Angie. 

The child program’s optics widened in fear as she saw Fluffy pushing off the branch, jumping off of it.

"Crap." Kyle grunted. He watched as the kitten jump off the branch and quickly jumped after it. His original plan was to catch the kitten so it wouldn’t get hurt but sadly it didn’t work out so well. In lieu, he just fell off the tree branch and onto the ground. Very hard.

This is going to hurt.

"Ack!" He gasped when his back slammed into the ground. Kyle then turned to his side and slowly got up, careful not to strain anything. He’s been through worse. That doesn’t matter though. It always hurts.

When he finally sat straight on his knees he looked at Angie. 

"I-is Fluffy okay? Or atleast better off then me?" He groaned, rubbing his back. Trying his best to message the pain away. 


The odd introduction was something he was used to, nodding his head in greeting as he uttered the casual introduction statement, “I am Andy, the male persona of the ANIMUS. How may I be of assistance?”

Dressed in a suit, he fixed his tie before standing up straight with his hands resting against his sides.

Almond violet looked Andy up and down. “What are you in a suit for?” Kyra asked suddenly without a second thought. It wasn’t like they were somewhere fancy or anything.

With a sigh and a shake of his head, Kyle just looked away. Was that REALLY the first thing on her mind. But hey it could’ve been a worse question.